Karen Toms

CV writing service

Tell your unique story

In the time that it takes for you to read this sentence your future employer may have speed read your CV and moved onto the next applicant.

  • Karen has recruited staff for companies of all sizes from small agencies to global giants like Nestle and Colgate. This means she understands how the selection process works and what the reader will be looking for during the seconds that they spend screening your CV.
  • Once you’ve given Karen an introduction to your current situation and your job search goals, she will arrange a time for a detailed consultation.
  • This consultation process is an opportunity for you to discuss your job history, expertise, challenges and highlights. You will talk about the new role you want to secure, whether it is a natural progression in your career or a change in direction, plus your aims for the future.
  • It will typically take Karen a week to get a first draft of your CV to you. If you need it sooner, just let her know and she will try to accommodate your deadline.

Cover letters

  • A well crafted cover letter can also be a killer asset to your application. It’s your opportunity to deliver a clear introduction and reinforce your credentials.
  • Karen can produce a cover letter to complement your CV. Just advise her if you would like her to write one when you book your consultation.

Contact Karen today to discuss your requirements.