Karen Toms

Our approach

Looking for practical help and advice about how to improve your CV and boost your career prospects? You’ve come to the right place.

Karen Toms specialises in helping people to tell their unique story and stand out from the crowd.

Her focus is on working closely with you to capture your talents, skills and experience. She will showcase them in a first class CV or Linkedin profile or coach you on how to promote yourself successfully in an interview.

"Give your CV the attention it deserves"


Level 1 - Board level & senior management CV £220

At this level, your CV should capture your essence – what has made you as successful as you are. Karen will have great material to work with – your career path, your management style, the results you have delivered – to ensure your CV helps you secure your next big challenge.


Level 2 - Mid career CV £180

Making the right job move at this level is critical. It’s when you are forging the foundations for your long term career goals. Karen will capture your skills and talents, outline your specialist areas of expertise and highlight your relevant experience so you can show off your potential to future employers.


Level 3 - CV for students, graduates & up to two years work experience £140

The graduate market is very competitive. To maximise your chances of securing an interview, you need a professionally written CV that makes sure you stand out from the crowd. Karen will focus on promoting how your education, work experience and hobbies and interests make you a great candidate for the jobs you want to apply for.