Karen Toms

Our approach

Karen’s aim is quite simply to ensure that your marketing activities produce the best results for your business.

Her approach is both creative and pragmatic. She will help you promote your company though clear communication and great branding.

But she will also make sure your marketing activities are the right ones so you get return on investment and don’t waste money.

Karen’s talents as a marketer and storyteller will be an asset to your business. Contact her today to discuss your requirements.



The first step is for Karen to find out all about your business. She'll want to learn about your team, your services, your customers, your current marketing, your goals and what makes your company unique.



Karen will work with you to create a blueprint for your marketing. This will give you a framework for what you want to achieve. It will also identify key attributes about your company which will be used to form the basis for your brand identity and communications.


Identity & Branding

A strong brand identity has never been more important. In this digital world, your branding needs to portray the right image of your company even when you're sleeping. Through clever design and clear messages, Karen will ensure that your brand works hard.



Karen will help you communicate better with existing and future customers. She will ensure your company's story, unique strengths and service offering are communicated consistently throughout all your marketing materials.



Karen's goal is to ensure you receive the right marketing support, whether that is working with you on a monthly basis to manage your marketing activities or providing expertise on projects as and when they arise.

"Successful organisations put marketing at the heart of their business"