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Stylish classic yacht

I race a classic class of sailing boat which were first built in 1929 and have always been a big fan of wooden boats. Recently I was chatting with a fellow competitor about the sailing I did when I lived in Sydney and he asked whether there are many classic yachts in Australia.

I confirmed that unfortunately there aren’t many and then shortly afterwards stumbled upon these great images of the Sydney based classic yacht ‘Gwenn A Du’, which is home to Niki Baillie-Jackon and stylist Sophie Thé. ‘Gwenn A Du’ is the French name for the Breton flag. The dark wood panelling in the cabins provides the perfect backdrop for bottlebrush sprigs and vintage nautical books, a battered French flag that frames the entrance to the master cabin and a ship in a bottle.

Sophie has an anchor tattoo on her wrist – which also happens to be the logo for her decoration and styling business. Both Sophie and Niki try to spend as much time onboard ‘Gwenn A Du’ as they can. It is great to see that she is clearly a much loved Sydney classic.

Do you know any classic boats? I’d love to hear.

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