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Book: Why Knot?

If you can rely on anyone to show you how to tie a knot it is Philippe Petit. In 1974, he danced for nearly an hour on a wire he illegally rigged between the New York World Trade Centre’s twin towers. Over the past almost 30 years he has legally completed many other high wire walks.

Knots have therefore played an essential role throughout his career as his guardian angels and in his new book ‘How to Tie More than Sixty Ingenious, Useful, Beautiful, Life-Saving, Magical, Intriguing, and Secure Knots!’ he shares his expertise.

As a sailor, I probably know a couple more knots than the average person but my repertoire remains limited. All the knots included in this book have been put to the test during one of his wire walks and are illustrated by the drawings are by Petit himself. I think it could be the perfect knot bible.

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