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Book: My Heart Wanders

My recent trip to Amsterdam prompted me to re-read ‘My Heart Wanders’ by Pia Bijerk.It is quite simply a blissfully beautiful book.

It charts the journey of Pia Bijerk, a stylist and photographer, through her move from Sydney to Paris and onward to Amsterdam. It is part diary, part artistic notebook and part love story.

My friend, Harriet, bought me my copy for my birthday last year. Knowing that I used to live in Sydney and how much I like Paris, she quite rightly thought that I would enjoy it. I read it initially last November before my first visit to Amsterdam and loved it then. But now after two recent visits to Amsterdam it has now even more relevance to me.

Pia’s writing style is at once very readable yet dreamy. The layout of the book enhances this style. It is full of emotive pictures, poignant quotes in handwritten script and snippets from her journal. They are images of places, interiors, objects, nature and scrapbooks. All combine create a book that is quite simply beautiful to read.

This book was actually published in 2011 and Pia now lives in Australia with her French partner and their little girl. You can find out more about her and her work on her website.

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