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New York’s 1st micro unit building

New York micro apartment building

New York’s first micro unit building is currently under construction. New Yorkers are well known to be short on living space and this building called ‘My Micro NY’ is a new initiative aimed at providing a solution to the city’s housing shortage.

Carmel Place micro apartments

The studios look like a standard container before they are put into place. They are stacked like a giant Lego installation on top of steel and cement foundations. The concept lends itself to being adapted to many sites at different heights and floor area ratios.

My Micro NY under construction

The micro development breaks the city’s zoning laws, which currently require residential units to be at least 400 square feet (the 55 units range from 260 to 360 square feet).

Interior of NY micro apartment

But their modern minimalist style micro-unit design makes them feel much bigger than they are. The building also has shared amenities including a gym, a roof terrace, bicycle storage and a garden.

Once the units are in place the modular construction will be rendered with different shades of grey brick.

The building is scheduled to be completed in December.

[Story via New York Magazine. Images: Monadnock Development & nArchitects]

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New York’s 1st micro unit building

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