Karen Toms

Karen Toms

Karen grew up in a boatyard in Cornwall where sailing ships and fishing boats have been built for centuries. It instilled in her a great sense of history and heritage together with the value of craftsmanship and long standing client relationships.

The foundation of her work as a marketing consultant, CV writer and blogger is the craft of story telling. She uses her training, career experience and love of writing to help businesses and individuals tell their story and build a strategy for marketing themselves.

Her approach to working with clients is based on delivering high quality results and excellent customer service.

She firmly believes that great marketing has to put the client at the heart of the process. She also enjoys combining common sense business strategy with strong branding and design.

Clients and associates say that Karen’s strengths include clear thinking, pragmatism and creativity.

Based in London and Cornwall, Karen has been delivering results to her own clients in the UK and internationally since 2008.